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The Role Of The Government In Policy

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There are three branches of government that was established by the U.S. Constitution: the legislative, the executive and the judicial. Each of these areas have different responsibilities and is to be independent of each other. There is a checks and balances system formed by the constitution, so that no one branch of government has complete power over the affairs of the United States. The legislative branch which consist of the Congress and the Senate job is to propose and enact laws, to legislate. The function of the executive branch to make sure these laws are put into effect through several governmental departments. The president is in command of all governmental departments and offices. ...view middle of the document...

E. Chambers and K. Wedel.(2005). The third task legislation requires a solution to be created that will include a public policy, program design and the benefit of the program. The fourth tasks involves the organization of public support about the public problem. The fifth task is involves convincing legislation to sign on to the bill which turns the problem analysis, prospective public problem design features, plus position papers into a legislative proposal, which introduces the it as a legislative bill, ( D.E. Chambers and K. Wedel.(2005). The sixth task in the process is organization of appearance for committee hearings. The reason for committee hearings is to ask questions, get answers, and debate merits of the proposed bill. The seventh task involves lobbying legislators for support when the bill is voted on. Finally, the eighth task involves lobbying for money (appropriations) to operate the program is embodied in the legislation. The bill is sent to the executive branch after it has passed legislation to sign and implement the program. These steps are all very important and need to be followed in order pass and introduce. The judicial branch of government is also very important. It can wield great power for the reason that it can tell social programs the clients must be served, can totally eliminate programs under certain conditions, and can entitle or disentitle citizens from benefits, along with other things. The judicial branch restricts or expands the power...

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