“The Role Of Women As Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders In Saudi Arabia: Business And Ethical Implications”

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The discourse of Entrepreneurship within Middle East Countries is a primary field of interest that has received the attention of many authors and academic experts during recent times. The existing Body of Law on a comprehensive basis has adequately analyzed the way in which the scientific and economical advancements, have taken place in the Middle East area.
In this point of view, late proofs have broadly confirm how despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is now considered as a growing economy which is trying to diversify its exports, mainly based on oil and natural gas, by framing and revising its legal and regulatory environment in order to foster ...view middle of the document...

This essay, building on evidences found in this area by major experts in this field and on recent statistics, investigates the key factors that characterize women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia, and sheds light on the role of women as protagonist of the entrepreneurial activity in Saudi Arabia: in the light of the conservative culture of this Country, and especially due to major elements and limitations that characterize the regulatory environment of the country and of the economy as well.
Prominent researchers and academic experts of the field believe that Saudi Arabian women are still facing major challenges due to the cultural and socio-economic environment that tends to limit the women’s entrepreneurial activities. However, recent evidences also recognize how the technological and economic development that has been registered during recent times is fostering the growth of the economy and is incentivizing new enterprises, so that the role of women as entrepreneurs be widely enhanced in the entrepreneurial future in the region.
The analysis presented in this essay evidences also on how despite the previously cited limitations, women are being considered as protagonist of the entrepreneurial field of activity, and nowadays there are major success stories that are cited in many business reports: this confirms how women are increasingly considered as an integral part of entrepreneurial contribution in the economy of Middle East and of Saudi Arabia as well.
Major similar works carried out during the last decade confirms this reasoning. Along this lines, an accurate investigation of the primary limitations of the competitive environment in Saudi Arabia illustrates how major risks are still present in the Saudi Arabia’s economy, which however is receiving an increasing share of FDI, foreign direct investments from other developed countries, as identified by the leading empirical researches of the field. Although there are still some major socio economic factor that persists in the Saudi Arabia’s economy as barriers to women’s role as entrepreneurs. These investments (FDIs) confirm how , a positive evolution of the business environment is likely to take place in the next future (Rao, 2007).
The existing Literature recognizes how cultural factors are critical in determining or hindering the success of entrepreneurial ventures managed by women in Saudi Arabia: the fact that for centuries women lacked a comprehensive access to education, mobility and business in the past which is detrimental factor for a complete woman’s emancipation in the business field. The determination of the recent success cases of women entrepreneurs in this country, however, is motivating for other women to follow these examples and to enter as protagonists of the economic life of Saudi Arabia.
A comprehensive analysis of major data and evidences highlighted in this essay makes possible to...

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