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The Roles Of College Guidance Counselors In Calabarzon: Implications To Guidance Program And School Administration

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Batangas State University
Gov. Pablo Borbon Campus I, Rizal Avenue, Batangas City


The study was undertaken to identify and assess the roles of college guidance counselors in CALABARZON and its implications to the schools guidance program and school administration.

According to Erford (2003), the transformative roles of school counselors were leaders, advocates, collaborators, counselors and coordinators and data utilizers. Likewise, Kuhn (2004) explained that better understanding of the roles of guidance counselors diminished some of ...view middle of the document...

Today, school counselors serve as leaders, effective team members and an integral part of a student’s educational program. School counselors have switched their emphasis from service-centered for some of the students to program-centered for every student. They address the needs of students through individual and group counseling, large group guidance, consultation and coordination. They help students resolve or cope with developmental concerns. And because they are employed in the different educational levels, a school counselor’s work differentiates according to the developmental stages of their student population.
According to Gysbers and Henderson (2006), professional school counselors have been taught the three “Cs” as a way to define their role in the schools. The three “Cs”: counseling, coordination and consultation, enable the counselor to provide a comprehensive guidance program. In addition to the three Cs, they introduced the roles of guidance, assessment, program management and professionalism. However, these roles are now limiting for they no longer provide enough breadth and depth of scope for professional school counselors to be effective.
In addition, Erford (2003) explained that the transformative roles of school counselors were leaders, advocates, collaborators, counselors and coordinators and data utilizers.
As leaders, school counselors are engaged in system wide change to ensure student success. They help all students gain access to rigorous academic preparation that will lead to increased academic achievement, and ultimately, greater opportunities.
School counselors advocate for the success of every student by working to ensure that students’ needs at every level of education are addressed. They organize community activities to provide support for high standards for all students and advocate for exposing students to experiences that will broaden their career awareness and knowledge. School counselors support, promote and believe in every student’s ability to achieve in school.
As collaborators, school guidance counselors are working with administrators, teachers and parents. These stakeholders influence the roles that school counselors fulfill. By collaboration, school counselors develop a sense of unity among students, staff, parents and community members.
School counselors consult with teams to problem solve in order to respond to concerns that may be present in the school, such as equity and cultural diversity issues. In addition to being a counselor, school counselors are coordinators. They coordinate resources for students, families and staff in order to enhance student achievement. Lastly, school counselors assess and interpret student needs in order to identify barriers of learning, recognize differences in culture and develop goals for the school’s comprehensive counseling and guidance program. They also use data to implement systemic change. Systemic change occurs when policies and procedures are...

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