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The Schoolboy Poem Analysis

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The Schoolboy – Close critical analysis
“The Schoolboy” is a poem about how education systems hinder youths from behaving naturally. For example, in this poem, the boy “love(s) to rise in a summer morn, When the birds sing on every tree”. However, he has “to go to school in a summer morn” and this “drives all (his) joy away”. Hence, from here we can see that societal norms destroy the innocence of youth as they repress their souls with so-called education. By doing so, the author is telling us to spend our time doing things that we enjoy doing instead, as the sole purpose in life is to have “joy”.
The poem is written in six stanzas with five lines in each stanza and has a rhyme scheme of ...view middle of the document...

The author also makes use of repetition to create a bleak tone in the poem. The repeated use of the word “morn” in the first two lines of the first two stanzas, as well as similar sounding words such as “outworn” and “horn”, dramatizes how depressed the persona feels in school. In relation to the above, the repeated use of the word “tender” also forces the readers to remember how vulnerable children are to external events and hence emphasising on how their childhood should only be filled with “joy”.
Furthermore, the word “morn” might also relate the readers to the word mourn. The author’s ability to make use of puns dramatizes how the persona’s mood was ‘killed’ when he had realised that his perfect morning was ruined by having to go to school, highlighting the bleak tone of the poem even more.
Similarly, the author also adopts the use of symbols to emphasise on the bad effects of the education system on youths. By using a schoolboy as the main character of the poem, it highlights how the carefree nature of youths is contained when the “cruel eye” of society causes them to feel trapped in a...

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