The Shining Mountain Essay

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The Shining Mountain

The story is about a young girl, called Pangma-La, and her father, who was a famous mountaineer and had climbed many mountains. When Pangma-La’s father got a baby-daughter, he named her after a great big shining mountain he ones had climbed, so that she could stand tall and proud.
One day Pangma-La’s father decides that he and his daughter should climb a mountain together, so Pangma-La starts training and all is going well. Pangma-La finally has a chance to stand tall and make her father proud.
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The old Sherpa woman is actually a hag, and transforms Pangma-La into a swan as a lesson to her father, so he could see that he was pressuring his daughter to much. The hag shows Pangma-La’s father how Pangma-La really feels and that all his high expectations towards Pangma-La are killing her. Pangma-La’s father sees what he has done to his own daughter, and tries to kill himself by throwing himself over the mountain edge. But just before he tries to make his suicide attempt, the mountain goddess throws a bolt of lightning in front of him. The hag who really is a mountain goddess sees that Pangma-La’s father has learned his lesson, and brings Pangma-La back to life.


Characterize the father:
Pangma-La’s father is a famous mountaineer, and has been on the BBC news. He really wanted a son instead of a girl, but he does not see Pangma-La as a girl, more like a son who he has high expectations to. The father is a proud man, and refuses help from the local mountain people when they are climbing the mountain, because he sees himself and his daughter as strong individuals who can take care of themselves.
But sadly he has no idea of how much pressure he is putting on his own daughter, not until the very end when Pangma-La is gone, and then he realizes what he has put Pangma-La through.

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