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Ken’s Outlook and attitude towards situations in his life stems more from the influences of the people around him than anything taught by himself. Ken was born knowing he was a sea-sectioned baby, a baby removed out of their mother not wanted not born from because thats what his father told him. When Ken was younger you could tell who his favorite parent was, he really did love/care for his mother which made him seem like a weak mamas boy, like Kens father makes him feel he is. Kens ...view middle of the document...

Kens father was also a major user of alcohol, forcing his wife to make him a drink when he wants (since she was a bartender and all) not even caring if he’s drunk in front of his own kid or that he gets violent when drunk either. After Kens mother died Ken went to stay at his grandparents house instead of staying with the dad then after not being able to talk about in comfort with his own father. Then when Ken was being bullied in school, his dad was not mad at the bullies but was instead mad at Ken for being weak and not being able to fight back, Teaching Ken to fight and to show no remorse/mercy instead of consoling him. Ken then ends up being called “kamikaze” by people in school after “defending himself” from another bully and it was all even approved by Kens father after too. Since Ken gets carried away with the fact that he’s such a “kamikaze” he becomes arrogant and cocky towards everyone around him which leads to more violent and untolerated behavior from him. Also showing signs of becoming just like his father with the drinking and everything, yet his dad not understanding where all his disobedience came from because kens mother did not teach him too be like that.

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