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The Theory Of Fundamentals Essay

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In the article, “The Invisible Gnomes and the Invisible Hand: South Park and Libertarian Philosophy”, Paul Cantor argues for the libertarian approach, a style of thinking which maximizes individual liberty and minimizes intervention by the state. They strongly believe in the capitalism of life. Cantor compares and contrasts the key concepts of liberatarianism to the slapstick TV comedy, South Park, and explains how the show has been instrumental in breaking boundaries in humor; redefining the way we think about issues that were previously considered taboo. An American literary critic, the author Paul Cantor, is a strong believer in the austrian theorist of economy. He holds ...view middle of the document...

Cantor refers the small businesses as the public servant and the large corporations as greedy and uncaring. Furthermore, the article talks about how naïve the general public is to think that large corporations exploit the power of advertising to promote their product which is the major reason that drives smaller firms out of business. To shatter this false image, the article highlights an episode of South Park called ‘Gnomes’ as a tool to explain the functions of large and small corporations, and to erase these false conventional views held by many people have of large corporation being money minters. The episode talks about a large corporation, Harbucks and a small business, Tweek Bros. coffee shop. Contradicting to the traditional story where large corporations exploit their power of advertising, in this case the owner of Tweek Bros. takes a different perspective to advertising and uses a sympathetic approach to reach out to the public to promote his sales. In conclusion the episode ends by revealing how small businesses are slick as large corporations. The article uses the episode of South Park to explain the key concepts of how large corporations undertakes risks, organizes capital and combines these resources to provide in order to fulfill the desires of the public, which the public fails to acknowledge. Thus the article defends capitalists.

Cantor presents several ideas in a complex manner. Also, he puts forth extemely debatable issues which can provoke the readers to contradict his view points.

The usage of words in this article can leave the readers confused. The vocabulary in this article is very complex and I myself had to use a dictionary at least 15 times to understand his sentences. The ideas put forth by Cantor do not show coherence and he presents ideas which are extremely arguable. For example, he states, “Those who condemn South Park for being offensive need to be reminded that comedy is by its very nature offensive”. Comedy is a broad genre, and comedy is not always offensive, for example, the famous TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a comedy show which is does not bathe its audience in profanity and vulgarity . In addition, Cantor finds a variety of ways to portray his philosophies and theories rather than focusing on one way which once again confuses the readers. For instance, he starts off with explaining to the audience the change in the attitudes of people in the prevalent times and how they are becoming much more open minded to jokes and innuendos at...

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