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There have been a lot of controversies about Hitler being the master of the third Reich after the Second World War. The intentionalist historians, such as, Richard Evans and Eberhard Jackel have argued Hitler was a strong dictator, and thus an interventionist. They focus on Hitler’s nature of dictatorship and argued was the prime mover of domestic and foreign policy, again indicating he was an interventionist. However, the structionalist historians challenge this idea of Hitler being an omnipotent figure and argues Hitler’s state of government was polycratic and chaotic. They argued Hitler was a merely puppet, a figurehead ‘non-interventionist’, although his ideas were central to Nazism, ...view middle of the document...

He often reacted to events not create them, as argued by Bracher. The night of the long knives was just a response to pressure from the elite, especially the army and businesses not to predetermine his strategy of divide and rule, in order to sustain his image.
Also, as suggested in source 6 Hitler has a ‘bohemian lifestyle’, he was reluctance to give direct policy directives or to even document his ideas therefore making him a non-interventionist dictator. According to Hitler’s close friends he rarely read government official papers. In Berlin he would take lunch and meet with his officials no more than an hour in the afternoon. He would take a walk, eat supper and watch films (his favourite Disney cartoons – snow white), and this was his lifestyle in Bavaria. By 1938 there were no central government left; the cabinet did not meet during the war years while Hitler was away on the Eastern Front. Similarly, to source 5 he was ‘bureaucratic wars to expand power’. This meant he didn’t have to get involved, as there were competing agencies. Example in 1938 when Goebbels heard that a Nazi official was killed by a Jew in Paris, he took it into his own hands to...

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