The Tick Vs The Idea Men

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The Tick vs The Idea Men

After bombarding the super hero convention in Reno, The Tick, a square-jawed, muscular, bright blue-costumed figure, is placed as the protector of "The City." On his first day on the job he meets Arthur, a neurotic accountant with a moth costume who dreams of becoming a super hero. They instantly become friends and protect The City from The Idea Men, villains who wear masks that make it impossible to enunciate. On their journey, they meet many other inadequate super ...view middle of the document...

Die Fledermaus is a parody of Batman. He seems to be an arrogant bat-like super hero. His costume has a big black cape and has bat characteristics such as oversized ears, and a realistic bat nose with huge nostrils. American Maid has stars and stripes down her French maid outfit. She is a mix between Captain America and wonder woman. She also seems to have had a bad romantic relationship with Die Fledermaus because when they both met in the first episode she called him ‘a jerk, a rabid goon, incredibly immature, and told him to go stink up a cave.’
Big Shot is a spoof of a character called The Punisher. Big Shot is a gun maniac, has a skull as a belt buckle, shoots everything in sight and has family issues. The Punisher is also a violent character. Because of the deaths of his family, he becomes an assassin who also wears the same skull as Big Shot.
‘The Tick’ has many goofy super heroes and villains. All of which are spoofs from other super hero figures. This show is suitable for any type of audience, but because of all the subtle jokes and characters like The Tick, Die Fledermaus, Big shot and American Maid an older audience would appreciate the humour more.

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