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The Underground Wonders Essay

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The Underground Wonders

Why go caving ? Hidden in the depths of the earth you might find one of those beautiful

creations of nature, "The caves.” Long ago, our ancestors were using caves as shelter from wild

animals and the forces of nature. Throughout history, the underground architecture, and

their make-up, have been explored and documented by cavers, because they can reveal

details of past climatic conditions in the structures formed in a cave by the deposition of

minerals from water called speleothem, and the origins of life. The caving connects us to

the stunning scenery of underground world an it's an amazing experience ...view middle of the document...

Also contain data

that are pertinent to anthropologic, archaeologic, geologic, paleontologic, and mineralogic

discoveries and resources.

Caves have always been known as repositories of archeological material. Some of the oldest

evidence about the activities of human ancestors came from caves. Without proper

documentation and research of these hidden cultural remains in deep or shallow caves, valuables

and important segments of the human history would be lost for all time. For example

In the caves of Arizona's Grand Canyon and in lava caves of El Malpais National Monument

in New Mexico, important archeological discoveries are made every year in the form of

excavations of ancient pottery, figurines made from twigs, and evidence of the use of caves for


In recent decades, caving has changed considerably due to the availability of modern protective

wear and equipment. It has recently come to be known as an "extreme sport" by some.

Caving is often undertaken for the enjoyment of the outdoor activity or for physical exercise, as

well as original exploration, similar to mountaineering or diving.

The first recorded caving trip took place in 853 B.C. by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser III at

Lidje in Kurdistan, near the source of the Tigris. It was part of the victory celebrations after a

battle that took

Interest in caving is growing worldwide, partially due to the continuing concern for health,

fitness and the environment, and a growing demand for outdoor experiences with...

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