The Uprising Of Othello Essay

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The Uprising of Othello
One always hears an inspirational story about how an unlikely person overcomes adversity to make a difference in the community, country, or even the world. Barak Obama, despite his African American background, was able to become the President of the United States and change history. Rosa Parks, despite her African American background during the Jim Crow Laws, refused to get off the seat at the front of the bus and was a catalyst of the beginning of a new revolution. Cinderella, despite being an overworked poor daughter, was able to find her Prince Charming. All of these people had a foundation of life, their background, as something different from the social norm; ...view middle of the document...

During the first encounters between Iago and Barbantio he states “Because we come to do you service and you think we are ruffians, you'll have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse, you'll have your nephews neigh to you, you'll have coursers for cousins and jennets for Germans” (1,1, 67). It is evident that racism is no shy topic in Venice and that there is clearly discrimination against Othello. Barbantio at one point even yells that Desdemona’s elopement with Othello was due to witchcraft rather than listen to the true reason their relationship developed- he does not wish for Desdemona to come back to his house as long as they are married. Shakespeare intends to the tell the audience that Othello must overcome this barrier and believe that despite the fact that he is a Moor, he can still be just as deserving as nobility.
With this said, Othello is able to oversee Barbantio’s prejudice towards him with his charisma towards his peers, but even so, one can tell that he is forcing himself to present and act in a manner that is not true to him. He speaks in a hard, military form and feels the need to apologize at one point by adding “Rude am I in my speech, And little blessed with the soft phrase of peace” (1,3,92). Unfortunately Othello reveals that he believes that because he is an officer of war, it is impossible that he can be equal to his noble peers in refined class. Othello cannot have the sophistication of nobility because of his military background that causes him to think he will always be a soldier thus a servant to the nobles; He fails to see that he is more respected than Barbantio by his peers. As a solider he must follow the commands of the “superiors” and because Barbantio does not believe Othello deserves Desdemona, he too feels that he is not worthy of her.
By not being equals in a marriage, Othello feels Desdemona is a prize to keep because she deserves a man of nobility, a man different and better than him. Because he believes this it makes him insecure about their marriage to the point where he convinces himself Desdemona can at anytime cheat and will cheat on him. The fact that their initial courtship was secretive makes Othello even more insecure that she does not know the true him. It is further stated later on in the play that Othello never knows his self-worth and reason why Desdemona loves him so much when his jealousy of Cassio arises. Because Desdemona is consistently asking Othello to reinstate Cassio makes Othello believe she is sleeping with him. Trust is an issue between Othello and Desdemona and when demanded to see the handkerchief given to Desdemona she says “This is a trick to put me from my suit. Pray you, let Cassio be received again” (3,4,98). Othello’s insecurities about their marriage keeps developing when she cannot show him the handkerchief and later finds a similar one that Cassio is in possession of. If only he was more like Cassio, a true Venetian, then Othello would believe himself...

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