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Strategic planning begins with where the organization is, defines some new place where it wants to be, and develops a plan to get there, all in the context of its mission and values and the realities of the environment in which it operates (Worth 2012, p. 169). Strategic planning is a valuable tool to an organization, because it is a step by step guide from implementation to outcomes, leading to potential success. The basic strategic model, in preparation for the plan, starts with assessment of the situation and clarification of the mission, values, and vision. All management and operational facets must be aligned with the mission, values and vision, as they are the essence of the organization. The next step is to identify the issues, questions and ...view middle of the document...

The focus of marketing is to influence behavior (Worth, 2012). Marketing is key because it must link the organization to the community. Through strategic planning, marketing can gain commitment from staff, volunteers and the community; acquire resources, such as information, technology and funding; and, set objectives which will be beneficial to a nonprofit organization. Marketing can measure performance and strategic planning will determine if the organization is on track or if changes need to be made (Riley, 2012). Strategies are needed to market and raise funds for nonprofit organizations; therefore, planning must take place.
Hoffman (2010) reports that all fundraising flows from strategic planning and all strategic planning should be done in a marketing orientation (para 8). Fundraising does not begin with a need for money; as discussed above it starts with an assessment of the environment, the audience, and the charitable structure of the organization. At that point, the same steps mentioned above for strategic planning should be followed. Fundraising, marketing and strategic planning are all processes that require specific actions that are interconnected. Strategic planning provides the framework for marketing to work which, in turn, generates fundraising plans and goals (Hoffman, 2010).
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