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The View Of College Students On Love

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The View of College Students on Love

Love has been the noticeable problem of college students in modern times. The sense of loneliness and freedom of living in different places lead the college students to fall in love in an earlier age. These years, with the invasion of western sexual liberalism, our sense of morality has been faced with big challenges. At the same time, free access to the Internet causes misunderstanding and wrong realization on love, which lead them to get lost in it. This paper introduces an investigation on the theme in detail.

Key Words
college students; love; view; research;

Analysis of the problems
1. Respondent part
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Combined with the chart above, we can draw a conclusion that at least 40% respondents have experience of breaking up.
70% respondents have ever been in love for 1 or 2 times, it is quite rational. But 20% says that they’ve been in a relationship for 3 to 5 times, that is not a small number. We used to believe that only Americans and westerners change their partners frequently, but now it seems that we have to face the fact——some of the Chinese students are no less open than them.

3. Usually, what kind of people are likely to become your lovers?
A) Schoolmates or classmates B) Those who introduced by parents or friends
C) Social people D) Others

A proportion of 80% says that schoolmates or classmates are more likely to become their lovers. Since they’re all students, this choice is reasonable. And also, age and time is another reason. College students don’t have much time and chance to meet people other than schoolmates, that’s why only 20% respondents give other choices. Club activities provide college students chances to meet different schoolmates and time to get along with them. And of course, people of same age and group are more likely to have good impression on each other.

4. How much time do you spend with your lovers every day?
A) 1~2 hours B) 2~5 hours C) 5~8 hours D) over 8 hours

Up to 90% respondents say that they spend 1 to 2 hours with their loves every day, and the option of 2 to 5 hours accounts for 10%. We didn’t make it clear the definition of “spend with” actually, and this might have caused misunderstanding. We defined “spend with” as a kind of company, including text messages, phone calls, online chatting, e-mails and staying together. Most of the respondent regard the “spend with” as only staying together, which is found out after questioning some of them. So the answer of this question isn’t worth analyzing because respondents’ understanding of the question disaccorded.

5. How much do you spend on your boy/girlfriend every month?
A) 0~200 RMB B) 200~500 RMB
C) 500~1000 RMB D) over 1000 RMB

Half of the respondents spend 0 to 200 RMB on their boy/girlfriends every month. (We made it clear in the questionnaire that those don’t have a partner can skip this question.) 40% percent of the respondents spend 200 to 500 RMB on their boy/girlfriend every month, and the option of 500 to 1000 RMB counts for 10%.
According to experience, the average living expenses of college students in Shanghai is about 800 to 1200. A reasonable amount to spend on boy/girlfriend should be 200 to 400 RMB, still quite a lot of students spend beyond range. We can see that keeping a relationship exerts pressure on most college students’ living standard.

6. Which step now?(Or ever had)
A) hand in hand B) hug C) kiss D) edge sexual behavior E) sexual behavior F) nothing

According to the statics,...

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