The Week Four Concept Paper

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The week four-concept paper

The week four-concept paper
With symbolic within cinema, the movies images can be from very know to enormously clever they all aid the directing. The viewers focus on the concept inbuilt, with the theoretical way essential in the movie the way the symbolic can used in the movies.
The good character where white, then the evil where the color black in the movie. With these symbols it entails more significance clear to the audience sensitive, also with symbolic sources can increase with from cutting.
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Someone in the movie, about to murder in the movie there would be an attendance of an x in those scenes. In the movie Fort, Apache John Ford uses the symbolic reference, of the clouds of dust like a curtain to hide the big situations taken place in the scene.
The dust in the movie meant that the outcome that was going to happen with the troops in the movie. The color pieces, blowing of the wind, grass, trees the different forms of the clouds been symbolical also motifs.
The movie La Dolce Vita, the director, did more subtle use with images of water within the Fellini’s movie. Also in the star wars movie the Episode one the phantom menace, they use the forms of cutting method (pg.174, Dennis J. Sporre).
Yes, one of the examples was truly surprising to me because I watch the movie Scarface. So many times and did not know that in every killing scene, in the movie the x symbol would be there which was very shocking to me cause I never thought that it could be done.
I think that the forms of cutting methods use, in the star wars movie the phantom menace. It helps to make the movie more interesting and mad; the action scenes more enjoyable to me that I did not want to miss any parts of it.

Sporre, D. J. (2013). Reality Through the Arts (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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