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Theories Of Development Essay

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QUESTION: Group 2: Differentiate between the various types of research and research classifications. ...view middle of the document...

For classification of research we shall look from four dimensions:
1. The purpose of doing research;
2. The intended uses of research;
3. How it treats time i.e. the time dimension in research; and
4. The research (data collection) techniques used in it.
The four dimensions reinforce each other; that is, a purpose tends to go with certain techniques andparticular uses. Few studies are pure types, but the dimensions simplify the complexity of conductingresearch.
1. Purpose of Doing Research
If we ask someone why he or she is conducting a study, we might get a range of responses. There are almost as many reasons to doresearch as there are researches. Yet the purposes of research may be organized into three groups basedon what the researcher is trying to accomplish ­ explore a new topic, describe a social phenomenon, orexplain why something occurs. Studies may have multiple purposes (e.g. both to explore and todescribe) but one purpose usually dominates.
a. Exploratory/Formative Research
You may be exploring a new topic or issue in order to learn about it. If the issue was new or theresearcher has written little on it, you began at the beginning. This is called exploratory research. Theresearcher's goal is to formulate more precise questions that future research can answer. Exploratoryresearch may be the first stage in a sequence of studies. A researcher may need to know enough todesign and execute a second, more systematic and extensive study.Initial research conducted to clarify the nature of the problem.
When a researcher has a limitedamount of experience with or knowledge about a research issue, exploratory research is usefulpreliminary step that helps ensure that a more rigorous, more conclusive future study will not begin withan inadequate understanding of the nature of the management problem. The findings discoveredthrough exploratory research would the researchers to emphasize learning more about the particulars ofthe findings in subsequent conclusive studies.
Exploratory research rarely yields definitive answers. It addresses the "what" question: "what is thissocial activity really about?" It is difficult to conduct because there are few guidelines to follow.
Specifically there could be a number of goals of exploratory research.
Goals of Exploratory Research:
* Become familiar with the basic facts, setting, and concerns;
* Develop well-grounded picture of the situation;
* Develop tentative theories, generate new ideas, conjectures, or hypotheses;
* Determine the feasibility of conducting the study;
* Formulate questions and refine issues for more systematic inquiry; and
* Develop techniques and a sense of direction for future research.
For exploratory research, the researcher may use different sources for getting information like: (i)experience surveys, (ii) secondary data analysis, (iii) case studies, and (iv) pilot studies.
As part of the experience survey the researcher tries to contact...

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