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There's No Room: A Look At Public Schools' Design For Science And Evolution

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There’s No Room: A look at public schools’ design for science and evolution
Nicole McCormick
PHI103: Informal Logic (GSK1216H)
Instructor Micheal Pelt
May 21, 2012

The 1987 Supreme Court ruling on the case of Edward v Aguillard, struck down a Louisiana Law requiring “balanced treatment” between “creation science” and evolution. The Supreme Court found “creation science” to be unconstitutional, a statute that forbade teaching evolution unless “creation science” was also taught. Edward v Aguillard made it clear you cannot teach creation science alongside evolution (Brown, Feb2012). This argument of if evolution should be taught in public schools has waged on for decades, and as long ...view middle of the document...

This essay will show that the study of evolution today is still as important as it was in past decades. As long as the Constitution mandates separation of church and state, the issue of to have or not to have evolution in public classrooms will continue to be an important study.
Research was conducted by Internet search from Google scholar, as well as the Ashford online library. Research was narrowed down from the broad topic of evolution in public schools to provide clear data for both positions. Sources found to be most beneficial were journal articles found through the Ashford library and the Web, as well as Ashford library periodicals
Since the publication of “Origin” in 1859, Darwin’s theory of evolution has brought trouble to the American classrooms (Adams, Nov2005). To scientists, intelligent design or entertaining the idea of creation in the science curriculum is intellectually inappropriate, as science courses should teach sciences. According to Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education, “Evolution is not controversial in the field of science. It’s controversial in the public sphere because public education is highly politicized” (Adams, Nov2005, p.57). The Academy of Sciences calls evolution “the central concept of biology” (Berkman, 2008). Indicating that this basic concept of pure science is what should be generated throughout the school systems.
Although the United States has no national curriculum guidelines or requirements in any area of science, state governments do. These standards provide local school boards within each state with a common guide to classroom instruction in science and other subjects. While these standards vary widely in quality and detail from state to state, all recognize, at least to some degree, the importance of evolutionary theory. School boards are monitored by organizations like the National Center for Science Education,” by state academies of science, and by local scientific and professional organizations” (Brown, Feb2012, p.4), and at this time there is not a single state that uses its content standards to promote intelligent design or creationism. If the state has guidelines to follow for schools’ curriculum, then reading the bible as a form of literature in theory should not violate the First Amendment or our notions of the separation of church and state; thus, could incorporating theories from the Bible for literary purposes make evolution and intelligent design together in schools possible?
Last year marked the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible. This all-time best seller has had profound impact on the history and development of the United States. The Bible has played an important role in the education of our nation. In colonial America, people used the Bible to learn to read, and many desired to learn to read in order to read the Bible (Loewy, 2006). In Stone vs. Graham in 1980, the Court ruled that the posting of the Ten Commandments was...

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