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Things Fall Apart Highlights Essay

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Omar Solórzano
Period 4
Okonkwo: The Collapse of a Great Warrior.

Okonkwo has risen from nothing to a high position. Through hard work, he has become a great man among his people. He has taken three wives and his barn is full of yams, the staple crop. He rules his family with an iron fist. This change was due to a series of events that changed him from being a man with no future expected, to one of the leaders in Umuofia.
Umuofia was given a little boy and girl to compensate for an offense. The girl was to become Umuofia’s wife and the boy, Ikemefuna, was to become a sacrifice but not immediately. He was placed under Okonkwo’s roof for the time being. Ikemefuna ...view middle of the document...

Forced to start over without the strength and enthusiasm of his youth, Okonkwo flees to his motherland “Mbanto”. He is received by his mother’s family, including his old and wise uncle, Uchendo. Uchendo asked Okonkwo why the most common child name is Nneka meaning “Mother is supreme”. Okonkwo says he doesn’t know so Uchendo called him a child and answered the question himself. He says that mothers protect their children unconditionally and that is why mothers are supreme. This is a very important part of Okonkwo’s life because he realizes that if he continues his way hell just lead his family into death in exile.
During Okonkwo’s exile, the white man comes in Umuofia and Mbanto preaching their religion. Most people thought they were mad but there was, in fact, some converts. Usually outcast and men of low rank, these converts contributed to the church’s huge gain in momentum. Nwoye becomes a convert, causing him to get beat by his dad and leave his house. Okonkwo returns to Umuofia to find the clan sadly changed. After a series of evets that happened in Umuofia, Okonkwo wanted war against the whites; but he knew his people would want war. His clan changed for the worst and became weak. Fearing the humiliation of dying under the white man’s law, he decides to hang himself.
I believe that Okonkwo was a great warrior but most of all, he was a reflection of Umuofia. His clan was once a strong, traditional, united community as was he. Then little by little, his clan suffered an inevitable downfall. As he did too. This story written by Chinua Achebe was the story of Okonkwo: The Collapse of a Mighty Warrior.

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