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Thinking About Diversity And Inclusion Essay

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Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion Paper
Cultural diversity, or multiculturalism, is based on the idea that cultural identities should not be discarded or ignored, but rather maintained and valued. The foundation of this belief is that every culture and race has made a substantial contribution to American history. However, many people remain opposed to the idea of multiculturalism, or cultural diversity awareness, while others often support it and yet have no clear idea of how it should be taught. The diversity of the United States is truly astounding, as many different ethnic and racial groups have contributed to the social, economic and cultural values of our society. This has ...view middle of the document...

We have the technology to communicate with people around the globe, without giving it a second thought. Although this is a remarkable power we can cherish, for some it can be a world of frustration and confusion sown by individual beliefs and perceptions. Barriers of cultural diversity occur because of the biased perceptions and attitudes regarding others in different dimensions of society. Referencing both textbooks, discoveries include descriptions of cultures as the structure through which formulation and interpretation of communication exists. Culture deals with the way people live and interact with each other on a global basis. We learn culture through perceptions that form in various ways; like where we were born and raised, the languages we develop, people and environments we encounter as well as emotional stimulus. We must first acknowledge the culture that we belong to recognize the approaches that form barriers and perceptions of cultural differences, if we want to communicate effectively. Determining how my own cultural paradigms describe what members of my social circle have in common and how others perceive independence of cultural norms illustrates benefits of cultural diversity. Raised in a traditional white neighborhood in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the culture exposure I received was not that of a dweller with a cultural diverse ethnic background at home or in school. My first encounter with a Black person was at the time I attended a Christian elementary school. At first, it was difficult to see an African American in our school, though my mother was the first to accept them and invited them for dinner. We played at their house and them at ours. I did not grow up prejudice because my parents did not...

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