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This Man Essay

272 words - 2 pages

I just met this man...
A man that I thought will be like big bro to me...
A type of shy boy...
A quiet one... I can't even hear his voice in the crowd in our school...
My lips form in a little curve whenever I see him... i don't know why... it's just like that he make me smile by just letting me to see him everyday.. He is like ...view middle of the document...

.. texted him, chat with him all day night! :)
And that's the reason why we became close...
He doesn’t even know that at that time I already fall :))
And it is because I feel comfortable with him... i can be "me" when I’m with him...
I don't even imagine myself falling in love with someone at that time, oh well they said you fall in love in the most unexpected time... and that happened when i met this kind of man.
A man that I called... classmate...then friend...then...crush :) ...then my ONE AND ONLY BABY BOY, HONEY KO! :D
Too many things happened to us that made me laugh... CRY! Jealous!
My friends said stop... go and find other man... move on and leave him... but after i heard that i just smile and stay still with this man...
How stubborn I’ am to ignored my friends' advice... but i don't regret everything... because after all of this drama i still have this words in me that i will say anytime i want to this man and that is "ILOVEYOU”

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