This Should Be One Of The Last

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De La Torre, Pamela Z.
2015 – 46044
BA Behavioral Sciences

This should be one of the Last

Posts by females on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which recount their experiences of men catcalling or inappropriately touching them and news articles on women exposing how they were physically abused and/or raped by colleagues or even high-profile men circulate and can be seen on our timelines and news feeds almost every day. Amidst these haunting cases are comments made by both men and women on how it was the female’s fault why she got raped or harassed in the first place and other posts about how women should dress and act so as not to get harassed or seen as “asking for it”. ...view middle of the document...


There is no denying of the existence of rape culture in the Philippines, it is a matter of how and in what forms it materializes in the national context. Being an advocate of women’s rights and a self-proclaimed feminist, I find value and importance in such issue. My aim in this proposed research paper is to divulge on how Filipino women are objectified and treated of lesser value than the opposite sex because of the supposed norms that the patriarchal society has imposed on us through rape culture, specifically street harassment and catcalling. To paint a clearer picture on just how prominent violent and sexual acts against women are committed, here are some numbers: The 2008 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO) showed that in every ten women aged fifteen to forty-nine, one experienced or will experience sexual violence. More alarming is the report of Social Weather Stations (SWS) that in Quezon City alone, three out of five women have been or will be sexually harassed at least once...

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