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Time To Practice – Week One

918 words - 4 pages

University of Phoenix Material

Time to Practice – Week One

Complete both Part A and Part B below.

Part A

Some questions in Part A require that you access data from Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics. This data is available through the Student Textbook Resources link.

1. By hand (without using SPSS), compute the mean, median, and mode for the following set of 40 reading scores:
31 | 32 | 43 | 42 |
24 | 34 | 25 | 44 |
23 | 43 | 24 | 36 |
25 | 41 | 23 | 28 |
14 | 21 | 24 | 17 |
25 | 23 | 44 | 21 |
13 | 26 | 23 | 32 |
12 | 26 | 14 | 42 |
14 | 31 | 52 | 12 |
23 | 42 | 32 | ...view middle of the document...

99 |
Coney Dog | 20 | $1.99 |
Total specials sold | 119 | |

4. Suppose you are working with a data set that has some different (much larger or much smaller than the rest of the data) scores. What measure of central tendency would you use and why?

5. For the following set of scores, compute the range, the unbiased and the biased standard deviations, and the variance. Do the exercise by hand.

31, 42, 35, 55, 54, 34, 25, 44, 35

Why is the unbiased estimate greater than the biased estimate?

6. Use IBM® SPSS® software to compute all the descriptive statistics for the following set of three test scores over the course of a semester. Which test had the highest average score? Which test had the smallest amount of variability?

Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3 |
50 | 50 | 49 |
48 | 49 | 47 |
51 | 51 | 51 |
46 | 46 | 55 |
49 | 48 | 55 |
48 | 53 | 45 |
49 | 49 | 47 |
49 | 52 | 45 |
50 | 48 | 46 |
50 | 55 | 53 |

7. This practice problem uses the data contained in the file named Ch. 3 Data Set 3. There are two variables in this data set. The data sets can be found through the Sage Materials in the Student Textbook Resource Access link, listed under Academic Resources. Using IBM® SPSS® software, compute all of the measures of variability you can for height and weight. Copy and paste the output from IBM® SPSS® into this worksheet.

Variable | Definition |
Height | Height in inches |
Weight | Weight in pounds |

8. Review the following frequency distribution. Create a histogram either by hand or by using some other application such as a Microsoft® Excel® document. Copy and paste the histogram into this document

Class interval | Frequency |
90–100 | 12 |
80–89 | 14 |
70–79 | 20 |
60–69 | 24 |
50–59 | 28 |
40–49 | 29 |
30–39 | 21 |
20–29 | 15 |
10–19 | 17 |

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