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Title Ix Essay

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Angie Kraft
Title IX Paper
September 27, 2015

Title IX has impacted the world as we know it in so many ways, and to think that some people have never even heard of the matter. Title IX states, “No person in the United states shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be defined the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” The law was passed in 1972 by Richard Nixon and has been celebrated for 43 years. The purpose of Title IX is to get rid of discrimination on the basis of sex in any program that is federally funded.
Before Title IX was passed women were very limited when it ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, the third part of the test is Accommodating interests. Under title IX, the institution must provide opportunities for both sexes to compete in sports. Also, they are required to meet the interests of their students and listen to what sports they might want to try and what they are interested in.
The impact of title IX was tremendous, since this was a huge time for women. Since the 1970s title IX has provided numerous opportunities for women. “As Title IX allowed more women to afford to attend university through academic and athletic scholarships, 41 percent of women earned medical degrees, whereas before in 1972, women only earned 9 percent of all medical degrees.” (Carpenter and Acosta 1992) Before title IX was passed there was only 32,000 women competing and now there are over 150,000. Although this was a great time for woman, it is hard to say the same for male athletes. Since the woman were allowed to compete this lessened the opportunities for the men and also had something to do with scholarship cuts.
As for football goes I think this falls into a different category. This argument includes that it would be more...

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