Title Page Climate Change And Its Effects In South South Part Of Nigeria

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This term paper is about the effects of climate change in South-South part of Nigeria. It has four chapters .Chapters one is about the introduction and definition of terms. Chapter two discusses Climate change and Environmental issues in South-South Nigeria, environmental degradation and Changes resulting from ...view middle of the document...

1. Water Scarcity as a consequence of climate change in South-South Nigeria - -
4.1 Summary - - - - - - - - - - -
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1.0 Introduction
Climate change is a major human security issue. Globally, it poses threats such as gully erosion, increased frequency of extreme weather, flooding, storms, drought, desertification, rise in sea temperatures, heat and cold waves, the melting of glaciers and increased insect activity. These events have major ecological, social, economic and political effects; they lead to food shortages, water scarcity, the spread of infectious diseases, a lack of biomass fuel and dysfunctional hydropower, shelter insecurity, the impoverishment of communities, and the violation of basic human rights (Brody, 2008; Eleri 2007; Rodo 2002). Climatic change is not just a technical subject. It makes the poor poorer and threatens progress and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). From this perspective, climate change takes centre stage in the field of sustainable development.
Some countries are more vulnerable to the impact of climate change than others. According to the BNRCC (2008), Nigeria is particularly vulnerable because of its rain-fed agriculture, fishing activities, and high density of population (140 million people on an area of 923,000 sq km).
In the South-South Nigeria, climate change threatens water resources, agriculture, land use, energy, biodiversity and health, primarily. The scourge of climate change has already been felt in several regions and the South-Southern part of the country is no exception. For many years, the impact of climatic change in the form of erosion, landslides and general land degradation has threatened lives and property in South-Southern Nigeria. People have been forced to desert their ancestral homes and become refugees. Fertile lands have been lost; leading to less food production and an increase in the number of people living below the poverty line (Ogbozor, 2002, Olori 2006). So far, the environment degradation has mostly been caused by human activities rather than abrupt climatic changes. Activities such as deforestation, the burning of fossil fuel, indiscriminate excavations of soil for foundation filling and sand for brick making, plastering and mining has exacerbated the impact of climate change in South-Southern Nigeria (Reich et al. 2001; Olori 2006; Onwerenmadu 2007).
For the most part, the Government has failed to establish an institutional and legal framework or systematic approaches and policies targeted at combating, mitigating, and adapting to the impacts of climate change. However, preliminary steps have been taken by publishing a First National Communication on Climate Change, as part of the country’s obligations to the United Nations Frame Work Convention on Climate Change, by setting up a national focal point on climatic change and creating a unit to facilitate Nigeria’s participation in...

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