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To Be Or Not To Be

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I am now in college! Wow, how time flies. I remember 9th Grade my favorite show was “Sanford and Son”. But, that was my past. I’m in college, at ITT Tech in Memphis, TN. The field I’m currently trying to obtain a degree in is Computer Networking. This is a field that I love, and this is my choice.
Two years from now I plan on being a junior in college. I want to at least have an internship at a well known business; for an example, Smith & Nephew, McKesson Corp., AT&T, and etc. The main reason I am writing this letter is because I am in need of a scholarship; financially I cannot afford this. ...view middle of the document...

So, I had to provide for my baby, my only other option was to dropout. I have recently decided to go back to get my GED, and go to college. I have received my GED at the age of thirty-six, and I am planning on go to college so I can get my bachelors degree in Information Systems. As stated earlier I need this so I can get a great job. Now-days you need a degree to work anywhere that will provide a living for your family. You probably just need a Diploma. A lot of people with Diploma’s can’t even get a job.
Now put yourself in my shoes. Dropped out of school and had a child at the age of eight-teen. Then, trying to make it in this cold world. The only thing they’re paying is minimum wage, and that sure is not enough to cover the price of six children. Now look at me, thirty-six just getting my GED, and going back to college. I update my kids on the process of my new life path, and tell them of all the hard work it takes. I feel great to hear my kids say “I’m proud of you dad”.
In my final analysis, I really hope that you guys will be able to help me out. I really need this, and I will kindly appreciate it if you can help. I am saying this from a person who knows what it is like without an education. It is truly hard to find a job, and to hold on to it. That’s why I hope you will be able to make a miracle for me. I hope that you will be able to help me better myself, and get to the goal I am trying to reach.

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