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To Build A Fire Essay

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Nicole Carpenter
May 19, 2014

To Build A Fire

In reading, “To Build A Fire, London writes about a nameless character who tries to travel through the Alaskan winter with no one with him. The unnamed man has a few characteristics that many of us can relate to and understand. He has a strong ego, disregards the suggestions of others, and loses his cool and panics when things become dire. These character flaws ultimately result in the unnamed man’s death. I believe there are other contributing factors because of the unnamed man’s lack of rational ...view middle of the document...

Even after all the advice the old- timer gave him he still with no regard continued on his journey until he breaks through the ice and threatens not only his travels but his life is when he truly sees the significance of using other people’s experience suggestions and warnings, The man’s luck does not get much better and after his fire gets extinguished by the snow the man panics and his lack of respect for nature and taking the easy way out picking out a spot too close to a tree led to his last panicking moments. He toyed with the thought of killing his dog to use its body heat and warmth but the dog was smarter than the unnamed man thought and he failed at that to, he panics again and runs along the creek trying to restore circulation but he gives out and falls to his needs fighting against the cold but his vision of him dying is to clear and he makes one last panicked run and falls again and again then the man decides he should meet death in a more dignified manner so he imagines his friends finding his body the next day. The unnamed man then falls into a deep sleep and the dog watches the man wondering why is he just sitting in the snow like that without making a fire then as night comes closer the dog detects death in the man’s scent then he runs away to a cam to tell the other food and fire providers what had happened to the unnamed man.

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