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To Kill A Mockingbird Characters Essay

885 words - 4 pages

Essay Plan

Prepare essay on 'two of the minor characters’

* Remember to integrate social, historical and cultural context.
* ATQ- what is significant, how does Lee convey it.
* At least two paragraphs per character
* Gather relevant material evidence
* Reflect on 'significance', and write topic sentences
* Attribute evidence to each topic.

Chosen Characters: Mrs. Dubose and Reverend Sykes


Harper Lee uses minor characters in To Kill A Mockingbird to enhance our ...view middle of the document...

Dubose has the power to inspire rage and fear just through the power of her words.

Quotations :

‘Jem and I hated her…raked by her wrathful gaze….ruthless interrogation regarding our behavior….’ And she would raise her voice so the neighborhood could hear if Jem and Scout walked by on the other side of the street. (110b/c)

‘If you aren’t sent to the reform school before next week, my name’s not Dubose.’

‘Not only a finch waiting tables but one in a court- house lawing for nigers!’

The way in which Aunt Alexandra upholds female convictions contrasts with Atticus’s pragmatist understanding of how children should be brought up.
Scout compares her to Mount Everst; ‘throughout my early life, she was cold and there’
‘Because- he- is- trash, that’s why you cant play with him. I’ll not have you round him, picking up his habits and Lord- knows- what’.
Page 88 a – ‘Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of my attire’
Page 89 d

Throughout the novel she transforms into a more maternal figure- underneath she is ‘real nice’
She represents’ Old South links back to the familys origins, with all its convenient conventions.

Aunt Alexandra:
Represents female conventions for those with social position.
The way in which she upholds these strange conventions contrasts with Atticus’s pragmatist understanding of how children should be brought up, she focuses on trivial matters rather than Atticus’ broader approach in instilling values into his children.
She helps Scout understand the value of Atticus’ principles because Aunt A’s are superficial.
Transforms into a more maternal figure- underneath she is ‘real nice’
She represents ‘Old South’ links back to the family’s origins, with all its convenient conventions.



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