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Tragedy Of Domestic Violence Essay

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The Tragedy of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence towards women is a problem that is often overlooked by Society. Violence is defined by the Riverside Webster's Dictionary as: 1. Physical force employed so as to damage or injure. 2. As an instance of violent action. If this is the case than why is it that so
many women are beaten by loved ones each year and little or nothing is done to correct this violent and hostile situation?

A battered woman is pictured by most people as a small, fragile, person who might once have ...view middle of the document...

Most are heavy set women whose assets are controlled by their husbands and cannot defend themselves physically. Battered women are found in all racial, religious and ethical backgrounds as well as age groups and educational levels.

Why do battered women stay with their significant others? The answer has many different angles; some stay for financial reasons others for the traditional reasons. The fact is that they stay, but when is enough? A woman from Maryland described her experience by saying, "Being beaten up is the most degrading, humiliating, crushing kind of thing that could happen to a person." In most cases the women feel that they are the ones to blame for their battering and also apologize for being beaten. A women's decision to stay or go to seek help or suffer in silence is often determined by the frequency of her beatings.

When women do come to the end of the line and have finally worked up enough courage to do it, to leave the one she loves so dear where does she go? Places such as crisis centers, church, or shelters. But in many places there are no such places or organizations to help the abused, then the abused must depend on community help as well as family and friends to help.

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