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Training and Development Plan

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If output is to increase by 96% following the expanding market and increased product demand, then there is a need to design a precise human resource development (HRD) plan that will avail a formal training program for Motors and More Inc. This plan will help equip the employees with requisite skills for their job description as well as provide the management with a better and sound criteria for promotions. Similarly, promotions will not only be based on seniority but also on the basis of the skills acquired from the formal training.
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They also secure instruments, cases and assessments.
Carries out needs assessment, defines goals and objectives and defines and outlines the content in conjunction with the evaluator and also develops evaluation plans and instructional strategies.
Develops and implements evaluation plans and conducts all levels of evaluation. He/she shall submit evaluation report findings to the appropriate persons. They also assess facilitator skills.
Training Administrator-Supports the delivery of learning experiences, coordinates participant materials and media, enrolls participants and send pre-course media. They secure and coordinate facilities, tracks attendance and maintain records, promote the learning experience, shipping of learning materials and tracks expenses incurred during the entire learning process.

Training Consultant-Recipient of the services/client
He/she conducts organizational analyses for internal client organization, contracts for performance improvement and consults with internal clients on performance issues. Training consultant prioritizes needs, secures support (including funding), access to subject matter experts, collects audience profiles and supports learners’ participation. They support transfer of new knowledge and skills to the trainers. He/she has access to data necessary to carry out these responsibilities with client input, selects facilitators, provides feedback to internal clients and manages the interface with the HRD staff.

Objective of the Training and Development Plan
To equip new staff with skills needed to undertake their tasks and update the current employees and managers with new skills on upcoming trends in the market. Development trainers are responsible for identifying skill deficiencies and assisting the worker to acquire the deficient skills through training and education, Sims (1998). Personnel skills must match their job description although the training facilitator should help the employee acquire additional skills for career advancement in later stages of his/her career.
For the assessment of employee to gauge accurately how much each personnel has improved through each stage of their career to determine whether or not that employee is progressively meeting company demands.
For feedback, that is development trainers should provide consistent feedback so that employees and managers can see the areas in where they have improved and those where they still lagging behind. Feedback should be tactful as well as encouraging, rather than simply discouraging the employee by showing him/her what he's doing wrong. Other objectives shall be self-development of each employee and managerial staff member as well as determination of a criterion for promotion and appraisal.
Needs Assessment
A thorough needs assessment will be done and data obtained. This assessment will be done to determine the organizational, occupational and individual training needs...

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