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Training And Development Hrm Essay

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For this assignment I have chosen the topic development and training.
The topic will be approached as follows:
Theory research: what is role and importance of development and training in an organization today? This will be approached using books, internet.

What is Training and Development?
In this part Training and Development will be explained, through literature research.
Human Resource Development
According to( Saks and Haccoun,2011), training and development is a part of larger system that is called Human Resource Development (HRD). The purpose of HRD is to enhance employee performance/productivity, which leads to employee and customer satisfaction and an ...view middle of the document...

The difference lies in the goals:
* Training refers to the process of the employee obtaining skills to do their job, short-term.
* Development is an ongoing process of training to perform future job responsibilities, and in the long-term, achievement of individual career goals.
Business Strategy and Strategic Human Resource Management.
Every company has a business strategy. A strategy is a sum of actions a company intends to take to achieve long-term goals. Aligning HR practices with an organization strategy is called strategic human resource management. The figure below shows the strategic model of training and development, (Saks and Haccoun 2011).

The model shows what the process is if Training and Development is linked to Business Strategy. The first step is identifying the Business Strategy. What do they want to achieve? What is their goal? The second step is: which tool of HRM strategy can be used to support the business strategy? In this model it is Learning and Development Strategy. The final step is choosing the training and development activities/methods.
Benefits of training and development
Investing in training and development can be a win-win situation for the...

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