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¬Training And Development Of Standard Bank Ltd

8624 words - 35 pages


Background of the Study

1.1 Origin of the Study

This report was assigned to fulfill the requirement of term paper program after completing my BBA program. The purpose of this report is to organize and present my understanding of Human Resources operations that may become useful in my professional life.

The students of BBA program have to study several semester consist of several credit hours according to educational background of a particular student & in the last semester there is an term paper program consist 3 credit hours which a student under this program must go through . So, after ...view middle of the document...

• To find out problem in training at SBL.

• To provide some recommendation to overcome the problem in HRM practices

1.3 Scope of the study

The study is a part of academic curriculum. The collected data and information have been tabulated, processed and analyzed carefully and report has been prepared in the present form to make the study more informative and useful.

This Case Study of Standard Bank Ltd, CEPZ Branch, Chittagong, has been setting for three months. The shorter period is not sufficient for empirical research work. The information of the report collect through primary and secondary of the primary data had been collected by direct interviews and discussion withal the departmental in charge.

The scope of this report is to cover how the HR department of SBL carries about the functions of Human Resources Planning, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, Compensation and Benefits and Services and all other functions that under Human resource Management.

1.4 Methodology of the study

The information of this term paper report is mainly based on working at the SBL and in preparing this report I have collected data & information from the following sources:
a) Primary Sources.
b) Secondary Sources.

The primary data had been collected by direct interviews & discussions with executives of various department of SBL that provides some insights into the problems and issues of the study.

All the secondary information is collected from various books, financial papers, document and articles related with Human Resource Management. The collected data & information have been tabulated, processed and analyzed carefully. Annual report provided valuable information about the Accounting practices. The exploratory research method has been mainly followed. The collected data & information has been, according to chronology, collected, corrected, organized, analyzed and interpreted to prepare report and to draw some finding.

1.5 Limitation of the study

A good report “SELL THE RESULT OF THE STUDY BUT SHOULD NOT OVER SELL”. Obviously the study is far from being perfect .Despite my sincerest endeavor in preparing a perfect report; some of the limitations are inescapable. These are as follows:

1. Due to short time, I could not collect enough necessary data about the study to prepare the report.
2. Some of key people of SBL so much busy with their duties that they seldom manage time to answer the questions.
3. There was the shortage of adequate literature on the SBL.
4. As a student collecting data and preparing report is very expansible.
5. Researcher could not find sufficient data because of SBL great secrecy.


An Overview of SBL



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