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Tuition Reimbursement Essay

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XCOM 285 – Essentials of Managerial Communications
Instructor: David Harris
Week 7 Assignment
Claudia Pino

Our company has had a very profitable 2012, and the goal is to continue this raising trend. In
order to continue achieving these results our company is looking to expand employee ...view middle of the document... Employees need incentives in order to improve their positions and continue
to achieve superior results. A survey was completed amongst all our full time employees to measure the
level of interest in pursuing a degree from a college or university. The results showed 92% will be willing
to either return to school or finish their degrees. However, all of them express their concern regarding the
cost of education, the burden this additional expense will have on their families and the commitment of
time. The tuition reimbursement program will provide them with the economic incentive they need to
either start or finish their degrees. Online courses provide the flexibility they need to attend classes
from their living room without having to spend time travelling to college campus. This type of setting is
very beneficial for employees work full time, have families and small children.

Based on the needs of our organization we should extend tuition reimbursement benefits to
qualified employees for Bachelor’s Degree in the area of Business and Communications. A bachelor’s
degree in business and communications will prepare our employees in the areas of business
management, business communication, business writing and the core of business subjects. Upon
completion of the courses our employees will be able to qualify for promotions inside the company,
improve their productivity, teach and mentor others, and pay increases. These opportunities provide
incentives for employees, motivates them to work hard and feel secured. Studies have shown overall
employee satisfaction increases if a degree is obtained. “ While job satisfaction is a matter of opinion, a
2007 University of Chicago study of American workers interviewed between 1972 and 2006 showed that
those who were most satisfied with their jobs had more education and made more money, while those
doing unskilled labor reported being the least happy (, 2011). Job satisfaction is very
important for our company to continue growing and achieving excellent results.

As we mentioned before is important to evaluate the benefits the tuition reimbursement program
will not have only on our employees but also the company. For the program to be successful we need
to outline some qualification requirements as well as ensure commitment from the employees. Only full
time employees that have been with the company for more than three years will be eligible and do not
have performance issues will be considered for this benefit. The reimbursement will be...

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