Turning Point Of Love Essay

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The Turning Point of Love

Barbara Lawson


Instructor Sarah Lahue

January 20, 2014

Turning Point of Love

Even though in a short story and poems there different components that that make up the short story and poems, in the poem of “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” by Dylan Thomas and the short story “A Father’s Short Story” by Andre Dubus, these two are about the love that one have for the other. “Do Not Go into That Good Night” this poem is about a son’s love for his father not to go, stay and fight, a man who didn’t have much but 30 horses and stables, who worked so hard to have a name for himself, but he hasn’t accomplished ...view middle of the document...

Out of the love for his daughter, elements that are essential in drama are: conflict, action, and characterization, are also essential in dramatic monologue. But the elements of dialogue or discourses is treated differently, In a dramatic monologue, only one person’s contribution to the conversation is revealed; through it a silent listener as identified, the circumstances are made known, and the thoughts, struggles, and nature of the speaking character and laid bare. This process sharp awareness of point of view, values, and tone, often the tone is ironic (Clugston, 2010).

Finally, the most important reason in the time of need and despair is some will go to different lengths to protect those they love in this elegy of “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”, the son out of the love of his father who has grown real ill of heart disease, and he is sitting idle by watching his father die he says these words:

“And you my father, there on the sad of height,

Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light (Clugston, 2010).

Indeed, while there are twists it all comes down to questioning of ethics, was the father wrong for the cover-up of his daughter murder? Should he have let her deal with her responsibilities of her crime and was the son justified in wanting his father to fight to stay alive and keep his hope and dreams alive? The conflicts comes from on the inside, in the time of need or despair some will go to great strengths to protect those they love not thinking of the consequences will behold them.

The theme that was chosen was Death and Impermanence, because there are a lot of fears of dying or seeing someone that you love is dying you want to take their place or questioning why they had to go before you I’ve always heard that it’s a hurtful feeling to lose your child to death and the parent has to stay behind, but I think that it is just as painful either way to lose someone your close to and love. Death is something that we all have to face some sooner than others, we may not know the way they may have died, but God is the only one who has control over life and death. Death and impermanence means not existing for indefinite or long duration of time (audio english dictionary, 2005). We have appointed time to be born and appointed time to die.

“A Father’s Story”, Mr. Ripley, was trying to justify his actions of covering up a murder for his daughter and testing God with the love of his Son and that he never had a daughter that he wouldn’t understand the love that he has for her, then he compare his situation to Job how he has lost all his family, living alone and this was trying and testing his faith not knowing that it was going to back fire on him, he was asked the question “love your daughter more than Him?”

“So He says, you love her more than you love me,

I love her more than truth.

Then you...

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