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Types Of Grading Sytems Essay

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Types of Grading Systems
By Ashley Leary, eHow Contributor
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Schools use grading systems to communicate with students and parents about student performance. Grades also help teachers communicate with one another, providing easy-to-understand data about student performance. Grades are meant to be a concrete evaluation of student knowledge. Perhaps the best-known type of grading system uses letters---A, B, C, D or F---to represent student achievement. The 4.0-scale and mastery grading are two other types of grading systems.
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Mastery Grading
* A new trend in grading systems is mastery, Rick Wormeli writes in his book, "Fair Isn't Always Equal." Many school systems, in kindergarten through 12th grade, are moving away from the sometimes-subjective traditional grading systems toward the more concrete mastery grade systems, Wormeli says. This style of grading uses M for mastery, which demonstrates that a student has mastered the standard by showing accuracy 80 percent of the time. If a student is not quite showing mastery, he is progressing and is given a score of P. If a student exceeds mastery of the standard she can receive an E. If a student is failing to progress toward mastery, he receives an LP grade. The goal is a report card containing all M grades, meaning the student has mastered all the standards for his level.
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* Mastery grading demonstrates to students that their achievement is a...

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