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Types Of Information System Essay

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An information system is a collection of hardware, software, data, people and procedures that are designed to generate information that supports the day-to-day, short-range, and long-range activities of users in an organization.
The history of information systems coincides with the history of computer science that began long before the modern discipline of computer science emerged in the twentieth century. Regarding the circulation of information and ideas, numerous legacy information systems still exist today that are continuously updated to promote ethnographic approaches, to ensure data integrity, and to improve the social effectiveness & efficiency of the whole ...view middle of the document...

The following sections present each of these information systems.
A business has several information systems:
a) Formal Information System
b) Informal Information System
c) Computer Based Information System
* Formal Information System: It is based on organizational chart represented by the organization.
* Informal Information System: it is an employee based system design to meet personal and vocational needs and to help in the solution of work related problems. It also funnels information upward through indirect channels. It works within the framework of the business and its stated policies.
* Computer Based Information System (CBIS): is essentially a system of information using computer technology to carry out some or all of its planned tasks. Below is a list of the basic components of computer based information system. The first four are known as information technology components: Hardware- these are the devices like the monitor, processor, printer and keyboard, all of which work together to accept, process, show data and information. Software- are the programs that allow the hardware to process the data. Databases- are the gathering of associated files or tables containing related data. Networks- are a connecting system that allows diverse computers to distribute resources. Procedures- are the commands for combining the components above to process information and produce the preferred output. In the end of all this, it is the people who are the ones using these hardware’s and software’s to interface with it and make use of its output. The first four components (hardware, software, database and network) that were discussed make up what is known as the information technology platform. Information technology workers could then use these components to create information systems that watch over safety measures, risk and the management of data. These actions are known as information technology services.This category of information system depends mainly on the computer for handling business applications. System analyst develops different types of information systems to meet variety of business needs. There is a class of system collectively known as computer based information system. They can be classified as
* Transaction Processing System (TPS)
* Management Information System(MIS)
* Decision Support System (DSS)
* Office Automation System (OAS)
1. Office Information Systems: An office information system, or OIS (pronounced oh-eye-ess), is an information system that uses hardware, software and networks to enhance work flow and facilitate communications among employees. Win an office information system, also described as office automation; employees perform tasks electronically using computers and other electronic devices, instead of manually. With an office information system, for example, a registration department might post the class schedule on the Internet and e-mail students when the schedule is updated....

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