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The Future of the U.S. Health Care System
James Hackett
HCA305 The U.S. Healthcare System
Kendra West
June 20, 2011

The Future of the U.S. Health Care System
Healthcare continues to evolve at an alarming rate in reference to the services available. This research paper will focus on the delivery of our countries health care system that is radically different now than at the time of the U. S first becoming of a country. I will identify the essence of hospital facilities as well as outpatient care. In a combination with these issues I will show changes in technology in the healthcare system and explain why the government should take aggressive action in controlling health care in the ...view middle of the document...

This is why the government should take a more aggressive role in refreshing the health care system. Since the year of 2000 doubling of health insurances premiums has rising, making employers choose between cutting benefits and companies hiring fewer workers. Health care reform is the idea that the current health care system must be changed because it is not effective, wise, or fair. Currently there is a debate in the United States about what health care reform should look like for Americans.
The United States enacted legislation March 23, 2010 that improves health care access and strengthens insurance oversight, adopting methods provided by individual state systems. When President Obama introduced the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA this was good for the United States because the Act makes healthcare more affordable for families and small business owners by providing the largest middle class tax cuts for health care in American history. Millions of families will benefit from new tax credits which will help them reduce their premium costs and purchase insurance. Families making less than $250,000 will see their taxes cut by hundreds of billions of dollars. When enacted; health reform is completely paid for and will reduce the deficit by more than one hundred billion dollars in the next ten years.
Also the lower cost of benefits will allow employers to hire some 90,000 low-wage workers currently without jobs because they are currently priced out of the market. It also would pull one and a half million more workers out of low-wage low-benefit and into high-wage high-benefit jobs. Workers currently locked into jobs because they fear losing their health benefits would be able to move to entrepreneurial jobs, or simply work part time. These will benefit a lot of employers as well as the employees for accumulating jobs in American. Even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Act may be an advantage to some employers and employees, doctors and hospitals will take a setback. Due to the fact that doctors are paid for performing procedures, not for helping patients which is costing the patient more money because they have to pay for medication. Rising costs are the "fault" of providers, or of insurers, attorneys, pharmaceutical and product companies, patient demands and expectations, for-profit hospitals, or government leaders who lack will. This is when insurers make money by dumping sick patients, not by keeping people healthy. As for the hospitals they are being overrun by out-patient clinics.
Today, hospitals derive revenue from acute care. Physicians earn money from preventive or routine interventions. A system that plans and delivers the full continuum of care can capture and share the revenue. The bigger question is whether hospitals will maintain their historic place at the center of health care delivery and what role they should play in creating new structures.
Because health care is so large a...

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