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Ubuntu Touch Cost Benefit Analysis

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Ubuntu Touch Cost Benefit Analysis
After being tasked with finding the best phone to meet Eduboost’s various needs, it is my pleasure to present you with my findings. But before I get into this discussion on the particular phone that I have chosen, I would like to give some background on the criteria that was used to come to this decision. I considered the various needs of Eduboost, the 170 Eduboost members, the cell phone corporation I chose, as well as Eduboost’s donors, shareholders as well as the general public. I also took into consideration the savings, the future proofing, as well as the maintenance that the device would offer when we begin promoting literacy throughout the country ...view middle of the document...

Increased productivity will ensure that we save more time and produce high quality education courses and retention rates, which will provide the citizens of Melandria with a tremendous source of empowerment, knowledge and transferable skills.
The Ubuntu Touch’s specifications and system requirements were formed with remarkable ability considering the price as well as comparing Firefox OS’s cheap build. Without getting too technical too soon, I would like to mention that the Ubuntu Touch has an Intel Atom processing chip, at the minimum 1 GB or more internal memory and is capable of holding 32 GB of flash storage. That amount of storage allows for a decent processing speed, a responsive phone experience, and enough storage to hold educational material; which is exactly what our 170 members will need during their missions. One thing that Linux offers that is an underrated feature is constant OS support and updates. The Ubuntu Touch development team has recently patched an update that has significantly improved the battery life of the phone up to 50 percent. With the recent updates, Ubuntu Touch will provide our members with at least one day’s worth of battery life with normal usage. The phone also receives ‘over the air’ updates, which will help to keep the Operating System stable, remove bugs and make improvements with each update.
With the Ubuntu Touch, our employees will also be able to maximize and utilize their time by using exclusive features. All applications for Ubuntu’s current and older versions will be compatible with Ubuntu Touch. In addition, you can connect your Ubuntu phone with an external monitor and the device will transform itself to a fully-fledged Ubuntu Linux PC with some additional features to manage your communication stuff like calls, messages, etc. Using this awesome feature, you can convert your smartphone to a PC in necessary situations, where you do not get one PC to do works. Of course, the high-end hardware capabilities of upcoming devices will boost the speed of your partial PC. Side Stage is the main principle of multitasking in Ubuntu phone-based devices which will allow users to utilize the whole screen size of your tablet PC to increase productivity. Using the Ubuntu...

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