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Understanding History 415 Essay

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Understanding History

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DeVry University


Vietnam and the 20th Century Experience
7 January 2015
Understanding History
When reading through history it is important to understand the past before you can understand the present. There isn’t a way to know how we got to where we are, without knowing where we’ve been. So when dealing with participants in history it is vital that we thoroughly understand where a specific person came from and what they have done. If we were to study individuals without knowing prior context for example the French in Vietnam; if you begin reading in the middle of our textbook in chapter two you would believe the French were going to be in Vietnam for the long haul and were not going to accept defeat. But in all ...view middle of the document...

After reading two chapters of the text book, my perspective is completely changed on this topic and this is why prior context of history is important.
In my honest opinion I believe my textbook is going to be my greatest resource. It may seem generic, but as I continue to read I am learning with each new page things I didn’t know before. And for so long considering myself a “history buff”, I can’t believe the amount of things I didn’t know just on this one war. Along with my textbook I watch many documentaries about topics I am learning or reading about so those will also play a large part in my learning process throughout the class. The only other resource I use for historic research and evidence is interviews with those who have survived whichever war or event I’m looking up. A fresh perspective from someone who has lived through a war can sometimes make you see things much differently and open your mind up to different emotions and feelings. While I was in an advanced composition class I was told to pick any topic within the Holocaust to write a paper up to twelve pages. With almost unlimited resources and time it seems like it would be easy to write a paper. But when you’re doing a paper on heroes of the Holocaust it is difficult because most of them didn’t want to write books or tell stories, so live interviews was the only way for me to gather information. If it wasn’t for Steven Spielberg’s work to gather information from these people those pieces of history would be lost. So while right now by greatest resource will be my book, it is also situational.


Moss, G. D. (2010). Vietnam: An American Ordeal. Upper Saddle River: Charlyce Jones Owen.

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