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Unit 1 Exercises Essay

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Page 20-21
1. What is free software? List three characteristics of free software.
Free software is a matter of the users’ freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Three characteristics are: Freedom to run the program for any purpose, freedom to redistribute copies, and freedom to improve the program and release your improvements to the public.
4. What is the Free Software Foundation/GNU? What is Linux? Which parts of the Linux operating system did each provide? Who else has helped build and refine this operating system?
GNU is a project for creating an operating system, both kernel and system programs. Linux is a free kernel ...view middle of the document...

Page 86
1. What is a live system? What advantages does it have over an installed system?
A live system is when you run Linux from a CD/DVD instead of installing it on the computer. The advantage is you can test out Linux without disturbing your current operating system.
4. Where on the disk should you put your /boot partition or the root (/) partition if you do not use a /boot partition?
On the physical volume.
8. When does the Fedora/RHEL system start X by default?
After Anaconda probes the video card and monitor.
Page 498
1. How does single-user mode differ from multi-user mode?
Single-user mode only has the system console enabled. Multi-user mode has the full operating system and all its features enabled.
3. What do the letters of the su command stand for? (Hint: it is not Superuser.) What can you do with su besides give yourself root privileges? How would you log in as Zach if you did not know his password but knew the root password? How would you establish the same environment that Zach has when he first logs in?
The su command stands for substitute user. The su command can also allow you to login as another user. To login as another user, enter the su command followed by the user name and supply the root password.
7. Develop a strategy for coming up with a password that an intruder would not be likely to guess but that you will be able to remember?
A strategy for password selection is to not use dictionary words, use both uppercase and lowercase letters, use numbers and symbols.

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