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Describe supervisory tasks for 2 different jobs within the hospitality industry

Hotel Arneville
Hotel manager
The supervisory tasks for a hotel manager are managing and maintain all year or seasonal lodging facilities. While he is doing tha t he has to observe and monitor the performance of the employees to make sure that the company rules and procedures are being followed. Besides monitoring the employees, the hotel manager has to motivate and build morale within the hotel staff. The hotel manager is responsible for the contact with the suppliers and head office. Dividing tasks between the F&B (food and beverages), Rooms division, Banqueting (groups and rent of conference halls) ...view middle of the document...

Because it is a small business they chef-cook is directly answerable in case of conflicts.

Conclusion (difference between the two businesses)
The differences between the two supervisory jobs are mostly in their job description. The hotel manager has different departments within the company that are involved with the job description as hotel manager. However the chef-cook is directly answerable because it is a small restaurant. The chef-cook has HACCP guidelines to follow because they are working with food and is responsible for the health and safety guidelines within in kitchen. The hotel-manager is responsible for enforcing the health and safety legislative within the hotel. Where the chef-cook is only responsible in the kitchen, the hotel manager shares that responsibility in the whole hotel.

Describe the different functions of supervision

Leadership styles:
Forming (reaching consensus about issues)
Before you start you have to make sure that the rules are clear, not every team is the same but they have to know that they will form a great team. This is also good for the communication within the team.
Storming (managing internal conflict constructively)
When employees within your team cannot get on with each other and rules aren’t enough to solve the problem, then storming is a great aspect to use as a supervisor. People should be though what their contribution is within the team and what they should improve like respect to each other. They should talk it out without the supervisor, but when it gets out of control, the supervisor should step in to solve the problems.
Norming and performing (determining and implementing solutions to problems)
Norming and performing is the next stage, the group recognizes the problem(s) and determines how they can solve the problem, and the relation within the team will improve, perform better after the problem is solved. As a supervisor it is your job to make sure this is going smoothly and without problems
Adjoining (implementing action plans, reviewing and evaluating team performance)
As the last one we have adjoining, when they are finished with their task/shift or game they get feedback and complements to make sure everybody knows how they fulfilled their task. After this you have accomplished as a supervisor to create a strong and confident team.

Describe the characteristics of leadership.

Leadership skills:
Ability to motivate and lead a team
The ability to motivate a team means that you are able to stimulate the desire and energy in your employees to make them continually interested and committed to their job or task.
The ability to lead a team means that you are able to pull and guide your team into the right direction using their interest and visions.

Ability to take initiative
The ability to take initiative means that you are taking charge in your team, that you are the first to take action when...

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