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Unit 2. Assignment 1. Dhcp Troubleshooting

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Unit 2. Assignment 1. DHCP Troubleshooting

Dear Junior Admin:

My first question would be what have you done to this point about the issue? What OS are the
computers running that have not picked up the new DHCP scope? Start by checking the DHCP
setting and configurations are they all correctly configured? Try renewing the IP addresses on the
workstations that have not picked up the scope it ...view middle of the document...

So machines will not
request a new IP address until this lease expires.

If a Machine reboots (or any similar events like disabling then enabling the NIC), it will ask for a
new IP address from the DHCP, so I think the few machines that received new IP addresses from
the new scope were rebooted. You should also check the system event log and DHCP server
audit log files for details on any problems. Make sure the address scope has enough addresses if
not widen the scope range. Check to see if it is a router/firewall problem and makes sure you
have the service enable. If the OS is Windows XP, there is a known issue in which Winsock
corruption has caused this exact issue. If it is a Winsock corruption on an XP machine you One
thing that you can try is:

1. Start

2. Run

3. type in 'cmd' (without the quotes)

4. in the command prompt type: netsh

5. reset library

6. With prompts, it should look like
C:\Windows > netshnetsh> winsocknetsh winsock> reset library

7. I think you need to restart also.

Thank you,
IT Admin

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