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Unit 3 Essay

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Class NT2580 Introduction to Information Security

Unit 3 Discussion 1
1. For this company I would say that the 12 computers that they have should have passwords on all the computers. The reason why I say this is because they only people who should have access to these computers are they people who have the password or know the password. That is why this is the best protection for this construction company. This construction company will have a role-based access controls. This means with the uses that they have on site will have special groups based on the access they require for the company.
2. For this company since they all contact one another with smart phones and have 12 computers each and every one of these users should have an identification number as in a pin for each and every one of them that way they can all be able ...view middle of the document...

The reason why I say this is because for one thing there is too many employees to keep track of. So if each and every one of the employes and computers have a fingerprint scan installed into the server and computer then they will be able to be identified who is using the computer or server regardless of where they work from. That way they can be able to have control of their business and be safe and smart at the same time. For there access control on this company will be Discretionary access controls. This means that the fingerprints that are installed on the server and computer will tell the system who has access on it by the fingerprint if it does not identify the fingerprint then it will deni access to it and not give you any control on the system.
4. For this company since they deal with the military these people should be identified by badges. The reason why I say badges is for one thing they work in the military and deal with parts from the military there is really no simply way to identify them if they are a fake or a real military person. So if they were badges they will be able to be identified. So for this company access controls since it is the military people there access controls is going to be nondiscretionary access controls. This means since they work with the military and they all of badges that they use to be identified will also mean if they don’t have there badges then they are not allowed on the base either.
5. For this company they also work for the military and for this one I recommend they use special signatures to be identified with the special signature they can easily know who is who and what they are doing or why they are there. They also will be required with two access controls. These access controls are mandatory access controls and content-dependent access controls. With these two access controls they have to be identified by there signature in order to access there roles and duties and also to access on the base itself.

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