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Unit 3 Assignment 2 Reflection On Essay Wriiting

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Reflections on Essay Writing

EN 1320 Composition 1 Class

8 Oct 2014

Unit 3 Assignment 2: Refelerctions on Essay Writing EN1320
Where to start; to explain about what I have learned about writing in composition 1 class. I have always been a pretty good writer, I think. As long as I like the genre that I’m writing on, I can usually produce a good product. Composition one has helped me slower but surely, I think it will just take a little more time. This class has helped me considering it is only the fourth week of class. I guess my style of ...view middle of the document...

I always used this approach when I wrote metals, awards and disciplinary reports on someone actions. I would start with few bullet statements or what you would call brief statements on accomplishments. I would start with some short bulleted statements and expound on them. I’ve had a few good supervisors in the Air Force that taught me how to write. They have told me, it doesn’t matter what comes out when you write, just get it down. I have used this lot and I got pretty good at it, for example when an accident occurred on the flight line, I would go to my desk and just start writing about what I observed during the accident, just details that I could get out of my head while they were still fresh. He told me; just sit down and start writing; edit a little as you go, but don’t worry about the errors, syntax, content and spelling or grammar, just get it down. I guess that’s how I have always written, just get it down and edit later. Okay that is a little bit about me, what I have learned in your class. This class has taught me a new avenue to explore in my writing. I have enjoyed writing about this subject and hope you have enjoyed reading it, thanks for your time.

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