Unit 4 Db For Advanced Entrepreneurship

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MGMT422-1301A-01: Professor William Becker
March 9, 2013

The new product/service that my group finally decided on was that of flipping houses. For those of you that do not know what this means, to “flip houses” means to purchase a home that was for sale, fix it up, and basically resell it for a lot more than you bought it for (Flipping Houses, 2013). There are lots of distribution channels to choose from when trying to get the word out to the public about a product/service. The ...view middle of the document...

This would be a great way to advertise homes that have been “flipped”.
Another distribution channel that I think would be good for getting the word out to consumers is the Internet. There are people that get on the Internet every day looking for homes for sale. One advantage that this could have is that the seller of the home can post pictures of the house on their Website, and then the possible consumers could see what they are looking at buying. I have also seen classified ads in the local newspapers about homes for rent/sale. Really and truthfully, I feel that it is up to the person selling the homes about how they choose to advertise for “flipping” houses.
After doing some research, the most popular areas for flipping houses are Florida, California, Nevada, and Arizona. The target market that our group hopes to reach, I think, would be the middle-class group around the ages of 30-55 years of age. Being that we are flipping houses, I do not actually think that we will be involving a CEO. The money that we gain from doing this will be our money. We may have to hire some personal contractors to help do repairs to the homes before they are sold.
Flipping Houses. (2013). Retrieved from BusinessDictionary.com: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/flipping-houses.html

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