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Unit 9 Final Project: How Science Affects Our Lives

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Unit 9 Final Project
Jasmine Good
Kaplan University
SC300 -21 Kathleen McKee
June 17, 2012

Unit 9 Final Project

I came home on Sunday night after out being out with some friends for dinner. It had already been dark for a few hours, so I figured my dog would be lying on the other side waiting as usual. I didn’t want to trip or fall on him; I didn’t want to hurt myself or him, so when I unlocked the front door the first thing I did was reach into the doorway and felt for the light switch to the right. I wanted to turn the light on in the in the foyer before walking in so that I could see where I was going, and where he was lying, but when I flipped the switch nothing ...view middle of the document...

I went to the light in front of the door and proceeded to change the light bulb. I flipped the switch and the light worked. My final conclusion was that the light did not initially work because the light bulb had burned out.

After fixing my light, I noticed how late it was and I still had much to do to get everything ready for my week ahead before going to bed. I looked to my closet and realized I may not have much to wear to work for the week and that would certainly be a problem. If I couldn’t figure out what I was going to wear for the week to work, I may need to stay up little later and get some laundry done. I had to gather what I had so I could figure out what I needed. The company I work for has a dress code; therefore, not just anything would do, I need particular clothing. I also had to assess how much of my laundry would need to be washed to complete a week’s worth of outfits for work, and what I already had that was clean. Next, my plan was to experiment with I what already had in my closet that was clean. I tried on a few skirts, surprised to find they still fit and a couple of pairs of pants. I even found a few pair that still had the tags on it. Then I matched a few tops from my closet with those skirts and pants, added some accessories and shoes. I was able to come up with three complete outfits for the week. I concluded that I would be able to get to bed early and wait until I got home from work Monday evening, Wednesday at the latest, to do a load of laundry so I would be dressed appropriately for the rest of the week at work.

These were only two examples in which I used the scientific method for my everyday life in one evening for very practical matters. The scientific method is a system of questions and answers, trial and error that help us with all sort of problems. All of use it every day and most of the time we aren’t even aware of it.

Every morning I open my eyes to the loud beeping of an alarm clock set to wake me up 7:00 am. I get out of bed and like most people, begin my day in the bathroom. I brush my teeth. Take a shower. Dry my hair. Put on make-up. Get dressed. Have some coffee. Currently I am unemployed and school just got out for the summer, so there is no hurry to get the kids up. I turn on the television; check the day’s weather and catch up on what’s going on around the nation and the world. Eventually, the girls get up on their own; I direct them to the bathroom for teeth brushing and face washing. I have them get dressed while I go to the kitchen and make breakfast, something easy and quick. I decide on French toast. An egg, some milk, a little cinnamon and some vanilla extract; I dip and cover the bread, fry it on each side till golden brown. It only takes a few minutes and the kids love it. I clean up the kitchen and the girls head to the living room for tennis and bowling on the Nintendo Wii. I vacuum the house; wash, dry, and fold a few loads of laundry, then take my turn on the Wii....

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