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Chapter 4:Human Resource Planning in a Changing Environment: HRM in Practice 4.2: Unitel (Nankervis et al 2014)
HRM in Practice 4.2: Unitel Pages 140 to 141



Unitel is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Asia Pacific region. Like most large telcos it was formerly government-owned, but was privatised in the early 1990s. Since privatisation, however, Unitel has faced increased competition from foreign and local competitors. Unitel remains profitable, but the telecommunications industry has seen considerable ...view middle of the document...

’ ‘I don't see anything wrong in trying to produce more trust in the company,’ commented a technical officer. ‘The regular Vision 2020 de-briefings help to let all staff know what is going on and offer all of us a chance to have input into things.’
Some managers see Vision 2020 as creating a ‘bottom-to-top’ communications system and inaugurating a new style of management founded on a renewed commitment to staff, getting employee involvement in problem-solving, improving customer service and creating a ‘family-type’ environment.
Yet there is also a considerable degree of scepticism about Vision 2020 among Unitel's 96 000 staff. ‘I don't think Vision 2020 is accepted by my workmates,’ observed one customer service operator. ‘They generally regard it as a joke.’
Indeed Vision 2020 has many critics at Unitel. As one senior technical officer commented, ‘I hold a serious concern that some managers and staff have an almost fanatical and single-minded belief in the ability of Vision 2020 to save the company.’
‘They do not tolerate others who do not share their views,’ remarked another. ‘I believe a climate is being generated where people who dissent are marked out and discriminated against.’
Vision 2020 has led to much standardisation at Unitel (from the timing of coffee breaks to the introduction of new forms of financial reporting) and improvements in internal communication (e.g. through the institution of a company e-newsletter). It has involved the development of goals or milestones that each of the restructured Unitel departments are expected to meet. These include ‘enabling decisions to be made at the lowest possible level’, the development of a ‘customer needs’ tracking facility (called UNICATS) and the implementation of a decision-making process called the ‘U-test’. The ‘U-test’ is essentially a diagram that asks Unitel management and employees to consider the following three questions when making any decision: (1) If I were a customer, would this satisfy me?, (2) If it was my business, would I do this? and (3) If it is done this way, will the team support it?
But the benefits brought by the new strategy...

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