United States Case Study

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Case Study : United States
In general, how does a manager from the U.S. communicate (verbal and nonverbal) and view relationships?
Given that U.S. tends to have a very low threshold for silence (uncomfortable with silence) they are very verbal. The U.S. is also a low-context culture meaning it is direct and straightforward when communicating, leaving little to be interpreted nonverbally. There is also a high occupational mobility in the U.S. meaning there is weak loyalty of employee to employer and vice versa relationships. Most employee-employer relationships are seen as contractual rather than personal and how competent (well they perform) an employee is tends to matter more than social or family background. A lot of business relations rely more on formal agreements like written contracts. Managers for the most part ...view middle of the document...

Imagine that a U.S. manager or U.S. management team is negotiating with a team from a culture with completely opposite communication styles and views on relationships. How will the U.S. managers have to adjust? To what degree do they change their style? To what degree do they maintain their own cultural identity? Describe the balancing act between the two.
When U.S. or any culture at that is dealing with unfamiliar cultures it is important that they are culturally intelligent of this place. If they were faced with someone completely opposite of them like say China or Japan where less information is obtained in the verbal part of the message and more of it is context. Many other countries have said that they have to have 2 meetings, one with and one without U.S. management. While our country is used to a much more formalized time oriented to the point kind of meetings, countries like those a lot of the business is done over a longer period, where the get a chance to know you and this can be done well over things such as dinner. When eating foreign meals it is a time that U.S. managers need to be aware of not only their verbal communication but their nonverbal such as faces being made as well as not sharing in their customs. Cultures that are very relationship oriented will take this very personally and it can ultimately ruin a deal, while if someone didn’t want to eat something in the U.S. we would be ok with it and go on with our conversations. Not only do a lot of things meetings take place outside of the workplace, but they are a lot of time event time oriented meaning they begin whenever everyone arrives and is ready and familiar, unlike what U.S. is used to. These are just a few of the things the U.S. would have to adjust to when dealing with different cultures and can be adjusted to by using their cultural intelligence to adjust. They should never come off as fake or forget what their goals are but simply change the way they go about attaining it.

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