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United States Policy Essay

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United States Policy
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The United States has significant nationwide interests towards the larger Middle East. These interests consist of the union and security of Iraq and also the continuous expansion of its self-governing institutions together with its reintegration in the region. Counterterrorism is one of The U.S. interests associated to Iraq among others.
Today's U.S. policy on terrorism mainly focuses on the aspects of the terrorist threat.  The First is that the main threat, which is that of the Islamic terrorism, is international in ...view middle of the document...

The United States is continuously using terms involving to the dialogue of just war and the call to end with Iraq sooner than too late.
As the American battle task in Iraq approaches to end, the administration of Obama and officials of Pentagon have time and again guaranteed the globe that their participation with Iraq will still go on. Americans are certainly right because from the time of the beginning of Iraq in the consequences of World War I, the U.S. policy had included confrontation, cooperation and war.
Apart from States, some organizations are inquiring about the actual meaning of the attack against Iraq and if such an action usually has s any purpose other than discovering a scapegoat and by this means gaining inner famous support in the United States. Lack of the explanation of terrorism has unluckily led the US to consider that in the battle against terrorism, it may possibly cover other aims of its existing foreign policy. The global community is nevertheless well alert that an attack in Baghdad and the awkward of the rule of Saddam Hussein is not connected to the war against terrorism but the continuous of the US policy which started in 1991 against Iraq.
An additional disturbing aspect due to the lack of explanation of terrorism for the global society is that since the incidents of September 11 and the subsequent battle aligned with fighting terrorism, the States which have faced the deep forms of terrorism, have already taken the chance to give an clarification for their deeds. States have without difficulty portrayed their interior enemies as terrorists with no much disapproval by either the UN or may be other global organizations. The National terrorist groups have since turn out to be a origin of worry for the global society and more mainly in the United States.
The attacks that happened on September 11 and also other terrorist groups or may be even the States may possibly be only partly demonstrated. There is a lot of backbiting on whether Iraq plays part in the Al Qaeda group. The United States had insisted on the subsistence of such a bond, it is said that there I no such link that could be found. Despite the fact that the United Nations tackles the terrorist affliction by the use of declaration and conventions, the
United States has planned for a more powerful answer, which has been criticized by the global society by means of NGOs, others States and global official scholars. The US reaction has included forces air strikes that are against the targets in Afghanistan which indirectly or directly support Al-Qaeda and after that continued with the bombing of Iraq and in the long run Sudan and Afghanistan due to the attacks that happened on the US embassies.
One latest bone of argument is the likely military act of the United States against the Iraq. The employment of power in global affairs is barred not unless a State take action in self-protection or is at liberty by a...

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