Unv 103 Topic 1 Navigating Loud Cloud And Time Management

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Name: Julie Portillos
Course: UNV103
Date: 12/30/2014
Instructor: Justin Johnson
Topic 1 Assignment: Navigating Loud Cloud & Time Management
Purpose of Assignment: To become familiar with the GCU Learning Management System (LMS) Loud Cloud and the GCU website, and to also help you develop time management, an important skill for college and everyday life.
This assignment will be in two parts. In the first part of this assignment, you will be exploring and navigating around the Loud Cloud LMS so that you are more confident in locating items in the online class as well as resources that are available to you as a GCU student. Also in ...view middle of the document...

The list of the main tabs across the top of the “home” page when you first log into Loud Cloud classroom are; Home, Calendar, Tasks, Resources, Connect, Reports, and Announcements.

2. From the Course Home page in Loud Cloud, click on the TASKS tab and then click on FORUM. Explain the various forums and their purposes.
Main Forum is where you answer and respond to both DQ’s for the current class. You are able to see other posts and are able to respond and speak to other students.
Individual Forum is only for student and professors conversations. No other student can view this but you and the professor.
Questions to Instructor Forum are for the students to ask questions for the instructor about anything going on or any questions about the work. All students are able to view these questions or comments.

3. Under the RESOURCES tab in Loud Cloud, click on the Student Success Center. List the main tabs you find on the “home” page of the Student Success Center.
After clicking on the Student Success Center the main tabs you’ll find on the “home” page are; Home, New Student, Classroom Policies, Colleges, Tools for Success, The Writing Center, and Resources.

4. Under the RESOURCES tab in Loud Cloud, inside the Student Success Center, click on the Writing Center link and select Style Guides and Templates. What writing style is required for 100- and 200-level courses at GCU?
For 100- and 200-level courses at GCU the required writing style is the general form or GCU Style Guide, and the APA style for the citations and resources.

5. Under the Resources tab in Loud Cloud, inside the Student Success Center, click on the Tools for Success tab at the top of the page. What videos are available for students under the Success Webinars section?
The videos that are available for students under the Success Webinars section are; Effective Note Taking, Reading Strategies, Study Skills, Test Taking, and Time management.

6. From the Course Home page in Loud Cloud, click the REPORTS tab. Click on the GRADEBOOK and explain the steps to find feedback or comments from your instructor.
Once you are into the gradebook from the reports tab you have to find your week and click on it then it will pop up each DQ and each assignment. You then scroll to the right side of the screen and click on view comments.

7. Click on the RESOURCES tab in the Loud Cloud classroom. List each resource under the RESOURCES tab and describe what can be found inside each one.
Course Material gives you everything you will need for that week to answer your DQ’s, Assignments, and tests which will include instructor’s notes, chapters from the eBooks to read, and videos.
Syllabus also gives you course materials you may need for the week and also shows you’re the complete grading for each assignment, DQ, Test, or participation for that week.
Class Policies explains current classroom policies and also plagiarism prevention tutorials.
The Student Success...

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