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Ups Mis Case Study

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MIS – Case Study 03



MIS – Case Study 03
Management Information Systems

Ramesh Koutarapu

MIS – Case Study 03



United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service (UPS) started out in 1907 in a closet-sized basement office.
Jim Casey and Claude Ryan—two teenagers from Seattle with two bicycles and
one phone—promised the “best service and lowest rates.”
UPS has used this formula successfully for more than 100 years to become the
world’s largest ground and air package Delivery Company. It’s a global enterprise
with over 408,000 employees, 96,000 vehicles, and the world’s ninth largest
airline. Today, UPS delivers more than 15 million packages and ...view middle of the document...

UPS estimates its delivery
trucks save 28 million miles and burn 3 million fewer gallons of fuel each year as a
result of using this technology.

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MIS – Case Study 03


To further increase cost savings and safety, drivers are trained to use “340
Methods” developed by industrial engineers to optimize the performance of
every task from lifting and loading boxes to selecting a package from a shelf in the
The first thing a UPS driver picks up each day is a handheld computer called a
Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD), which can access one of the
wireless networks cell phones rely on.
As soon as the driver logs on, his or her day’s route is downloaded onto the
handheld. The DIAD also automatically captures customers’ signatures along with
pickup and delivery information.
Package tracking information is then transmitted to UPS’s computer network for
storage and processing. From there, the information can be accessed worldwide
to provide proof of delivery to customers or to respond to customer queries.
It usually takes less than 60 seconds from the time a driver presses “complete” on
a DIAD for the new information to be available on the Web.
Through its automated package tracking system, UPS can monitor and even reroute packages throughout the delivery process. At various points along the route
from sender to receiver, bar code devices scan shipping information on the
package label and feed data about the progress of the package into the central
Customer service representatives are able to check the status of any package
from desktop computers linked to the central computers and respond
immediately to inquiries from customers. UPS customers can also access this
information from the company’s Web site using their own computers or mobile
Anyone with a package to ship can access the UPS Web site to check delivery
routes, calculate shipping rates, determine time in transit, print labels, schedule a
pickup, and track packages.

PH 93 2250 7505

MIS – Case Study 03


The data collected at the UPS Web site are transmitted to the UPS central
computer and then back to the customer after processing. UPS also provides tools
that enable customers, such Cisco Systems, to embed UPS functions, such as
tracking and cost calculations, into their own Web sites so that they can track
shipments without visiting...

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