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Us Foreign Relations In Me Essay

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The Good, the Bad and the Worst
An Assessment of the U.S relations and policies in the Middle East

Gold and silver where the elements of wealth during the peak of mercantilism as the sole policy back then was the 3G’s policy (God, Gold and Glory) in the reign of the British and French Empires. Oil, however, climbed to the top of the chart of the most strategic commodities starting the early years of industrialization passing by the Second World War, when the U.S. became by far the largest oil consuming nation; consuming oil at abundant rates to support their troops overseas and to maintain the high rate of consumerism of the American lifestyle in the homeland. Soon oil grabbed the ...view middle of the document...

The US controversial strategies in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran have turned out differently; the US strategy in Saudi Arabia may be considered a success story –so far-, in Iran, a failure, while in Iraq is work in progress, despite that so far is rather a failure than success.
United States has kept strong relations with Saudi Arabia since 1933, making Saudi one of the major allies in the Middle East region. Though there were some fluctuations in their relationship such as the oil embargo by Saudi Arabia during the Youm Kapour War (6th of October war) and the 9/11 terrorist attacks on US soil which was faultily related to Saudi Arabia as the funder of these attacks. However, the US-Saudi relations were generally in the right direction and mutually beneficial; Saudi Arabia supplies the US with the needed oil and the US supplies Saudi Arabia with everything else, including weapons and training for the Saudi militants. Moreover, USA has sidelined Saudi Arabia from its democracy enforcement and its “fight against terrorism” in the Middle East, though Saudi Arabia has no religious freedom and no democracy what so ever, unlike Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan which are constantly harassed either by political standoffs or US military deployment on their soil. But in return the US has a permanent base on Saudi soil with over 5000 troops preforming what is called operation “Southern watch”. Though this American base has caused quite the rattle amongst Saudi citizens as they showed their acceptance of this trespassing on their holy lands, it was still accepted by the Saudi government. But as whole, the US-Saudi relations are successful enough; it’s an example of how the US government managed to secure and maintain a strong ally in the region until now, through a rather balanced and mutually beneficial relationship.. However, though the United States has managed to successfully win Saudi Arabia on its side, it failed to win Iraq and Iran as it took a more offensive strategy towards these two states.
As for relations with Tehran, one could safely claim that the United States had started off on the right leg as the US-Iran relations were at once good enough. It started when the 1953 military coup(aided by the CIA and MI6) deposed Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq who was considered as a communist threat by the United States, the US also made sure that Shah Mohammad Reza Pavlavi was installed as ruler of Iran. From that point up to the late 1970’s relations with Iran were perfect; the US granted the shah’s regime a staggering 68$ million in the first three weeks after the coup d’état and some 1.2$ billion in the following 10 years -maybe too perfect if I would say-. The shah had a westernized leadership style and economic and cultural liberation were also evident. President Jimmie Carter on a new year’s toast to the Iranian shah (1978) said: “under the Shah’s brilliant leadership Iran is an island of stability in one of the most troublesome regions of the...

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